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Open Art License

The Open-art license is a product of the Open Art Network and is the default license for The Pool.

This license is designed to encourage authors of art, music, and other rich-media creations to make public their source files as well as their executables. In this sense, the Open Art License is similar to the GPL except for its requirement that any reuse of a work be registered back in the place you found it.

For more on the motivation behind this license, see the Open Art Network. To compare this license with other open licenses, see the Pool's License Chooser.

Open Art License version 1.0

This work is copyrighted by the author but available for re-distribution or re-use under these conditions:

A copy of this copyright notice, or a link to http://three.org/openart/license/, should accompany any distribution of the work.

The work is offered as is, with no promises of fitness or liability implied.